Smoke Installation/ Completion Kit

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Smoke Installation/ Completion Kit

Another Fourtitude R/C product that we developed to take the guess work out of, and provide superior performance over anything available on the market. These completion kits include everything needed to properly install a smoke system. All the components are designed to work with each other as a system. Included are detailed instructions and 3D diagram to illustrate how to install for nice thick lingering smoke clouds without the frustration! 


FORA1015 Smoke Installation/Completion Kit   SMAP $24.99

Includes everything needed to properly plumb a smoke system into an airplane utilizing a twin cylinder engine. FORA1063 Excelon Fuel Line (6 Feet), 1 Foot of Genuine Viton line for attaching to mufflers, FORA1017 Smoke Check Valve w/Viton Diaphragm (x2), FORA1018 In line filter w/ Stainless Steel Screen, FORA1005 Tee Fitting, and two in- line couplers allowing for various muffler configurations. All of these part numbers are also available separately.