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Holy Smokes Smoke Pump
Holy Smokes Smoke Pump

Holy Smokes Smoke Pump

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The Holy Smokes Smoke System is the result of a collaborative, three-year development and testing effort with Danhakl Designs. Our Vision: Provide superior, repeatable smoke system performance. Constructed of carbon fiber composite, the pump is lightweight (1.90oz.). It provides a variable & programmable flow rate ensuring maximum smoke fluid vaporization. This system has extensive field-testing with years of modeling experience behind it.



  • Holy Smokes Pump

  • Plumbing Kit

(1) Tee Fitting
(2) Check valve(s) w/Viton Diaphragm
(1) In-line filter w/ stainless steel screen (1) 12” length of Viton tubing.


Starting with the smoke tank, we highly recommend the Fourtitude R/C Almost Ready to Fly (ARF) Smoke Tanks. They include a high quality double-sided hook and loop mounting strap, & precut foam mounting pad.

Carbon Fiber Construction

OEM spec. 800KV Brushless Motor; 15A ESC,

Input Voltage 2S-3S Lithium Polymer, 12.6v max Current draw 300-600mAh

Length- 3.5 inches
Diameter- 1.75 inches
Weight- 1.90 ounces/53.86 grams

Separate Power & Signal Leads - 2.4 GHz receiver power requires no auxiliary battery

Adjustable Flow Rate - Throttle to Smoke Mixing