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50 oz ARF Smoke Tank
50 oz ARF Smoke Tank
50 oz ARF Smoke Tank

50 oz ARF Smoke Tank

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50 ounce (1.5L) - Length 11” x Width 3.4” x Height 3.4” ( 279.5 x 86 x 86 mm) - Weight 3 ounces

ALL tanks require basic assembly. This process takes 15 mins or less. See above detailed video on for any questions. Instruction Manual 

Each tank includes the needed plumbing with Exceleon Fuel Line, Nickel Plated Brass Clunk, Molded Nylon vent and fill tubes, Velcro brand mounting tape, and foam mounting pad. All of these products are proudly Made in the USA!  

The year 2020 is marking the return of 150-200cc sized aircraft. This 50 oz tank arrives in our product line up at the perfect time.  

 A few minor differences to note from our other size tanks. The neck/ manifold joint is a tighter press fit and requires different size O-Ring seals. Please note this when ordering a replacement cap and o-ring set. The assembly process is exactly the same just make sure when rebuilding that the proper o-ring kit is used. The clunk/ filter is larger to handle the increased fuel flow rates demanded by your new DA 215cc!