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We pride ourselves in only offering products that we have thoroughly tested to assure a pleasant end user experience. All of the products you see on this website are available through EVERY dealer in our network. If your local hobby shop or favorite dealer doesn’t carry these part numbers please let them know we have a dealer program. They can easily become a Fourtitude R/C Dealer by contacting us here

Smoke Installation/ Completion Kit

Another Fourtitude R/C product that we developed to take the guess work out of and provide superior performance over anything available on the market. These completion kits include everything needed to properly install a smoke system. All the components are designed to work with each other as a system. Included are detailed instructions and 3D diagram to illustrate how to install for nice thick lingering smoke clouds without the frustration! 


FORA1015 Smoke Installation/Completion Kit   SMAP $24.99

Includes everything needed to properly plumb a smoke system into an airplane utilizing a twin cylinder engine. FORA1063 Excelon Fuel Line (4 Feet), 1 Foot of Genuine Viton line for attaching to mufflers, FORA1017 Smoke Check Valve w/Viton Diaphragm, FORA1018 In line filter w/ Stainless Steel Screen, FORA1005 Tee Fitting, and two in- line couplers allowing for various muffler configurations. All of these part numbers are also available separately.


FORA1018 In Line Filter w/Stainless Steel Screen for 1/8” ID Tubing SMAP $4.49

The in-line filter is placed directly in front of the smoke pump to make sure no debris can get into the pump and damage the gears. These filters do not hinder the fluid flow and have a large 3/4” diameter filter surface area to maintain the flow even if some debris remain inside.  


___________________________________________________________________________________________FORA1017 Smoke Check Valve w/Viton Diaphragm of 1/8” ID Tubing SMAP $6.49

A check valve is used to prevent muffler back pressure from causing the system to loose the fluid prime. Most of them available don’t perform this task very well. This check valve has a 3/4” diaphragm that is made from Viton. This large disc area allows for double the sealing area and assures zero pressure leaks past. It only requires .5 psi to "crack” open. What all this accomplishes is virtually instant on and off smoke trail as you would expect. 



Dual Tank Mounting Trays

This item is a must have if you are running a smoke system. The tray is CNC cut from .125” (3mm) thick Birch plywood that assembles in minutes. Mounting dual tanks has always been tough because most aircraft have lightning holes right where you need to place the velcro straps. With this tray you mount it to the aircraft tank floor with wood screws. Then you can easily mount the tanks with just one velcro strap on the back of the tanks. Available part #’s: FORA1212 12oz Dual Tray SMAP $11.99,  FORA1216 16oz Dual Tray SMAP $11.99,  FORA1220 20oz Dual Tray SMAP $12.99, FORA1232 32oz Dual Tank Tray SMAP $12.99.



Single Tank Mounting Trays

Makes mounting a single fuel tank or smoke tank much easier and stronger than with velcro straps alone. This tray design captures the neck of the tank for an exceptionally strong mounting solution. Works really well in warbirds and narrow fuselages where the installation is difficult to access. The tray is CNC cut from .125” (3mm) thick Birch plywood that assembles in minutes.  Available part #’s FORA1108 8oz Single Tray SMAP $8.99, FORA1112 12oz Single Tray SMAP $9.99, FORA1116 16oz Single Tray SMAP $9.99, FORA1120 20oz Single Tray SMAP $10.99, FORA1132 32oz Single Tray SMAP $10.99



Ignition Module Mounts 

3d printed with ABS plastic for a strong but extremely lightweight part. Utilizes a large o-ring for vibration isolation for the module. Velcro strap runs under the mount in a slot to assure proper alignment. Has four mounting bolt/screw locations that will accept servos mounting screws or 4-40 bolts. The holes are recessed into the mount for a flush fit. Available part #’s FORA1066 3D Ignition Module Mount DA (Does NOT fit DA35 Module) SMAP $14.99



Double sided Velcro tape that is included with our tanks is now sold separately! 

FORA1065 Fourtitude R/C Velcro Mounting Tape (3 Feet) SMAP $2.99



Engine Mount Spacers 

 CNC Machined Engine mount spacers. These are cut from Baltic birch plywood for strength and lightweight. The profile matches the engine backplates. Using solid wood spacers helps spread the load out over a larger firewall surface area. This dramatically improves any compression of the mount which causes the engine mounting bolts to loosen over time. Available in three thicknesses of 3mm, 6mm, and 12mm to accommodate any stand off distance needed. For the best performance and reliability we recommend using Titebond and gluing these together and to the firewall. If you don’t see your engine please e-mail us on the contact page and we can discuss adding that particular engine to our line. Available part #’s FORA1020 3MM Spacer DA70 SMAP $6.99, FORA1021 6mm Spacer DA70 SMAP $7.99, FORA1022 12mm Spacer DA70 SMAP $9.99, FORA1023 3mm Spacer DA100/120 SMAP $6.99, FORA1024 6mm Spacer DA100/120 SMAP $7.99, FORA1025 12mm Spacer DA100/120 SMAP $9.99, FORA1026 3mm Spacer DA150/170/200 SMAP $6.99, FORA1027 6mm Spacer DA150/170/200 SMAP $7.99, FORA1028 12mm Spacer DA150/170/200 SMAP $9.99.



Aircraft Fill / Drain Fittings

These nylon fittings weigh practically nothing and only require a 1/4" hole drilled into your aircraft to mount them. The caps and filler have a double sealing surface assuring they won't leak. You can mix and match the parts for multiple applications. A typical example would be to use one fitting for fill and the second for the vent line. This gives you a nice clean look on the cowling and you don't have to worry about the vent coming loose and bouncing around in your fuselage. If you fly at a field that requires an over flow catch tank you can use one of the extra filler fittings to quickly attach the catch tank on the vent fitting while filling the tank. A half turn twist and the over flow catch tank is detached and your ready to fly. The threads are 1/4x28UNF and are 5/16" in length. Barbs are for 1/8" ID fuel tubing. Can be used with Glow, Petrol, and Smoke.

Part # FORA1007 Aircraft Fueling Fittings Set 1/4x28 UNF Thread    SMAP $ 4.49

IMG 1222
IMG 1216
IMG 1218


Fuel Can Fitting Set

This set will convert your fuel supply can to accept our FORA1007 Aircraft Fueling Fittings Set. Can be used in line with any existing fueling fitting you might be using on your fuel supply can. Seals out the atmosphere 100% so you don't have to worry about the fuel going bad as quickly. Barbs are for 1/8" ID fuel tubing. Can be used with Glow, Petrol, and Smoke.                                                                                                          

Part # FORA1006 Fuel Can Fittings Set 1/4x28 UNF Thread  SMAP $ 3.99

IMG 1225
IMG 1221


Replacement Fueling Fittings Caps and Filler Nozzle

Set of two replacement fueling fittings caps and one filler nozzle.                                     

Part # FORA1009 Replacement Fueling Fittings Caps and Filler   SMAP $ 2.49



Fuel Line 

This line can also be used with smoke fluids. Excelon Fuel & Lubricant Tubing is uniquely formulated to resist the corrosive effects of hydrocarbon-based fluids, avoid swelling and hardening.  Excelon fuel line hoses are flexible enough to allow for fast, simple installation in even the tightest quarters, and they maintain this flexibility over time. 

Part# FORA1063 Excelon Fuel Line 1/8” ID (4 Feet) Transparent Yellow SMAP $6.49


Rapid flow silicone fuel line is a sturdy tubing that is manufactured by extrusion process to assure a pinhole free tubing. Sold in four feet sections so you actually have enough to plumb a larger aircraft! 

Part# FORA1064 Rapid Flow Glow Fuel Line Medium (4 Feet) SMAP $4.99



Replacement Clunk/Fliters and Line

Replacement filter for rebuilding our RTU fuel tanks. Clunk line is cut for a 32 oz and can be trimmed down to fit the smaller sizes. 

Part # FORA1004 Replacement Clunk/Filter for RTU Tank   SMAP $6.99



1/8" I.D. Tee Fittings (2)

Black Nylon Tee fittings that fit any 1/8" I.D. fuel line. These can be used with glow, petrol, or smoke.

Part# FORA1005 1/8" ID Tee Fittings (2)  SMAP $2.49 


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