Danhakl Designs

You may have noticed that many Fourtitude R/C LLC. products have the Danhakl Design logo. Fourtitude R/C products was created by Jason Danhakl a true veteran modeler with many years of competition flying and product design/ development experience. Jason has performed all the R+D work on these products with the Danhakl Design logos. Here is a quote from Jason giving a quick insight into how Danhakl Designs came about.

 “In the past 12+ years of international level contest flying I have seen a lot of changes in our contest models and the products being produced from that evolution. One aspect that has not changed is the fuel systems and hardware accessories. Using years of product research and design experience along with Fourtitude R/C LLC we are tackling this head on. I hope to see you taking full advantage this flying season with a Danhakl Designs product from Fourtitude R/C LLC in your pride and joy!” 

  Jason Danhakl

jason da170 med[1]

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